About us

Who we are?

ME Tlou Attorneys and Associates are a team of high calibre, versatile and dynamic people with first rate skills and a wealth of knowledge within a broad scope of the law; who use their critical thinking, probing and analytical skills with accuracy and efficacy. The firm has combined experience of over 20 years in the law profession and are an active, task oriented and results driven team.

Our mission

To become the top ranked black owned, highly skilled, ethical legal and business solutions firm. To achieve results that exceed expectation through our commitment to a client centred outlook, teamwork and mutual respect.

Our vision

We are committed to innovation and excellence in an ever changing legal world. We are open-minded, solution driven and passionate about the law, our core values and client satisfaction.

What we do

Offer legal and business solutions and services with strong prioritization and time management skills with particular focus on meeting deadlines.

Respond quickly to changing situations and work well under pressure while maintaining individual team effectiveness Deal with the complex nature of the legal profession; ambiguity, contradiction, stress and uncertainty.

Have a proven record of achievement in exceptional business performance in our various roles individually and with other teams.

Our core values

Accountability: We will take responsibility for problems and strive to always find solutions to the issues faced by our clients and colleagues.

Integrity: We will be consistent of actions uncompromising and committed to honouring moral, ethical, and spiritual values and principles.

Being measurably better: We believe that even the most complex, one-off piece of specialist work is capable of being scoped and budgeted.

Our services principle means we are under obligation to:

  • keep the client up to date on costs
  • compare how much has been spent against budget
  • obtain the client’s agreement before exceeding the budget